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Target audience

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Avalanche radar - Target audience

Skiing areas

Operators of skiing areas with slopes endangered by snow avalanches where permanent or surveillance in acute cases is imperative.

The radar features remote monitoring of snow avalanche endangered slopes. Accordingly the installation of sensors on the endangered slope, which are essential for other systems, is omitted.

Additionally the radar system provides the opportunity to check whether an avalanche blasting at nighttime was successful. This allows a higher economic efficiency for operators of skiing areas:

  • Fewer helicopter flights (snow avalanche commission)
  • Avalanche blasting at nighttime is rendered possible to reopen slopes the next day

Feasible additional features

  • Combination of video and locating system for buried disaster victims
  • Identification of people causing an avalanche via video surveillance
  • Velocity measurement of dangerous skiers via speed camera / Identification of the person responsible for an accident
  • Prevention of snow avalanches: radar system for measuring the composition of the snow mantle and calculation of the avalanche risk level (avalanche risk scale)

Emergency management

Public and private institutions which are responsible for emergency management and prevention (e.g. provincial government, Austrian emergency management agency…)

Transport networks operators

Operators of transport networks in the following domains

  • Roadways
  • Railways
  • Waterways

Monitoring of endangered locations where natural hazards like avalanches, mudslides or rockfall may occur.
In case that a flow is detected, warning devices for traffic participants can be activated to avoid damage and accidents.
In addition a notification can be sent to a remote station (warning service headquarter, emergency management agency, broadcasters) via mobile communication technology.


Public and private companies requiring surveillance of e.g. embankment dams, receiving basins, waste sites for excavated material. In this context the radar system is a possible basis for a comprehensive security system that can be provided by IBTP Koschuch e.U.